Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

Matte About You: We Want You to Review This Foundation!


Summer is here and with increased humidity comes shinier skin. Makeup doesn’t seem to last as long and all the primer in the world won’t stop your foundation from slipping on particularity hot days. Unless, of course, you’re wearing a mattifying one. For those of you yet to try a matte foundation, Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ($21.95) is still our go-to. It comes in a eight shades so there’s one to suit every skin tone, and the air-whipped consistency feels sensational on the skin. It’s got a real bounce to it, thanks to the elastomer powder, and the finish has a beautiful soft focus effect — not at all cakey and perfect for hiding all your party skin sins.

To help get you better acquainted with the benefits of wearing a mattifying foundation this Summer, we’re giving away 20 Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundations for review. If you’d like to get your hands on a jar and then tell us about your (dreamy) experience, email with:

  1. Your full name
  2. Postal address
  3. Desired shade or skin tone
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