Review of Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Why Light Therapy is the Answer to Perfect Skin


The first 30 seconds of session one were a bit of a shock. The warm, sunset light is very bright, so much so that the therapist gently tapped my shoulder and told me to “get ready for the light”. I was wearing small goggles to protect my eyes, but because the light was so intense initially, my instincts kicked-in and I squeezed them shut. But in another moment when my body surprised me with what it can tolerate, I soon fell asleep. Continue reading after the break.

You’re probably wondering why I put myself through such a startling few minutes on the beautician’s bed at True Solutions HQ. Here’s the part where I tell you I went back for more, eight times. Two months out from my October wedding, my skin was looking good thanks to a year-long facial regime with the skincare gods DMK, but it wasn’t glowing. And for anyone who has been or is getting married, girl has got to glow.

I’d tried a session of the revolutionary Omnilux Revive light therapy a while ago and had promptly forgotten the day-after results: Plump, dewy, bright, virtually pore-less and ridiculously glowing skin. Wedding skin. The distributor, True Solutions, recommended a course of eight leading up to my big day, with two of those performed in the final week, the last one two days before the wedding. Suffice to say I had the best looking skin I have ever had the pleasure of owning. On my face.

I suffer from hyperpigmentation — exacerbated by the pill — as well as nasty hormonal breakouts and enlarged pores. Omnilux Revive addressed my areas of need, but I guess you’re wondering how? The lamp sits over the face for 20 minutes per session, and is most effective following a bespoke Priori facial or at least a good cleanse. While the first 30 or so seconds feels almost blinding, you’ll soon relax and either fall asleep or start imagining yourself on a tropical island with the warm sun on your face. Only this sun is the opposite of damaging — it’s actually mending all the naughty days you’ve spent sans-sunscreen!

The light works with the body’s own processes of counteracting ageing and acne. Revive is a red LED light that stimulates collagen and acts as a non-invasive anti-inflammatory agent; but there’s also a blue light for acne and a near-infrared light called Plus for the healing of tissue. To touch briefly on the mechanics of this miracle light, each one has 1700 diodes (a diode is a two-terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance but who really cares about that) which each release a wavelength of light specific to the skin condition being treated.

While it’s kind of interesting to know how Omnilux light therapy works, all you really need to know is that it is life changing. Or more specifically, skin changing. Treat yourself to a course before your wedding or any big event you might have in the future, and watch yourself tell anyone who’ll listen about “the light”.

Single Omnilux sessions start from $90, visit Omnilux to find your nearest salon

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